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    The main purpose of acquiring the printer was to print on glass. At the moment we are engaged only in this type of activity. We learned about LinkPrint from our colleagues: at that time they already had 2 LinkPrint printers and they recommended us to buy one. In addition, the ratio of price, quality and our needs coincided. Therefore, we opted for the Linkprint printer. Initially purchased a printer for printing on glass. Now it is located where we have glass processing. It is very convenient to have everything in one place.

    We are satisfied with the operation of the printer, as there are no significant problems. The only thing is the temperature in the room, but this is observed in all printers. In terms of production speed, the printer is not very fast, but it suits us, since we carry out individual exclusive orders and do not engage in mass production. But the print quality suits in all plans.

    Before we purchased the Linkprint printer, we had been doing the same production, but we'd made the glass ourselves, and the printing had been done by another company. Such a production system is expensive and inconvenient. If some kind of mistake suddenly happens: the workers cut out incorrectly, marked, then production can be quickly stopped and the errors corrected. This saves time and money.
    Thanks to the Linkprint printer, productivity has increased and quality has improved. If we think about expanding production and buying another printer, then we will choose LP again.
    Our company purchased a LINKPRINT printer to print on PVC, to further produce kitchen skirting boards that connect the countertop and the kitchen wall panel. We print decors for flanging skirting boards.
    We found LinkPrint through the Internet, we chose this equipment because of the price, availability and partner support.
    We had never been in this line of business before, with the LINKPRINT printer this is the first experience.
    We are planning to expand our services and range of products, as printers allow us to produce a large number of various products, we are studying the market in order to find out what is currently in demand and interesting to the customer.
    We bought our first LP printer about two years ago. We modernized our production a year ago - we bought the second LinkPrint printer and upgraded the existing one.
    We purchased the printers in order to produce digital printing on furniture products. Now weare printing on particle board, focusing on digital printing on furniture fronts.
    LP was found by our CEO. This topic has been in our development for a long time, we looked at similar equipment that is produced in Germany and Austria. In terms of price-quality ratio, our choice was on LinkPrint printers, and due to the fact that maintenance and service support will be carried out on the territory of Belarus, we decided that this is more profitable than buying abroad. Moreover, the price between LinkPrint printers and foreign counterparts differs by 2-3 times.
    We are generally satisfied with the operation of the printers. Of course, sometimes questions arise, but LP service team does their best and all issues are resolved within a few days. Operational support is available both online and by phone. If necessary, a specialist visit us. Recommendations can come promptly at any time. If something arises, we immediately call, all this is quickly discussed, and we get a detailed answer.
    We plan to apply to LP company for printing on fabric and glass. Varnish printing is also available. We are considering such options. We plan to further develop the direction of printing, as there is a demand for our products on the consumer market. Since there is a demand, there is a sale. People buy, people like it.
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