Compact size, high-precision mobile table, comfortable access to the service area and ink system
Print Accuracy

- determination of the movement of the carriage using a magnetic encoder
- movement of the carriage without vibration on 2 high-precision rails
Ionizer for high-quality printing on materials with a static charge
Precise positioning of materials

- 3-zone vacuum table

Base - rigid steel frame
Carriage protection system

Obstacle detection sensors installed
LED-UV air-cooled lamp systems

- low heat generation
- long service life
- reduced energy costs
- environmentally friendly
Print stability

Heating ink before printing in subtanks
Vacuum control system
Printing on leather, wood, pvc, cardboard, metal, composite and more
In addition to the standard CMYK + W + V set, primers, fluorescent and any other paints can be used
Print speed in quality mode up to 80 sqm per hour
Online support around the clock by a group of service engineers
The design and technical parameters of the printer can be customized for special applications
Adapted construction
LINKPINT printers cost no more than their Chinese counterparts and are much more comfortable with delivery and service
3-zone vacuum table equipped with air pumps. When vacuum is applied, the workpiece is pressed tightly against the surface of the board. At times increases the accuracy of the positioning of the print head.

For easy positioning of heavy materials on the table, the air flow direction switch valve is built into the system to create an air cushion.
Ultra-current, Mobile Vacuum Table
Depending on the application and tasks, the optimal printer configuration can be selected in terms of the number, type and arrangement of printheads. To increase the productivity of the printer, it is possible to install up to 18 printheads, KM1024i or RICOH in 2 or 3 rows.Additional printheads can be installed at any time.
Provides polymerization of ink during the printing process. It features a low level of heat generation, thus expanding the range of printed materials. LED-UV system is the most environmentally friendly, has a long service life, and reduces energy costs. The power of the UV lamps installed on the printer is 12 W/sm2.
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Before printing, it is sometimes necessary to shed some ink on the print heads to clear the nozzles. You can use wipes (manual method) or a vacuum collector (automatic non-contact system) to remove ink droplets from the sole of the printhead after cleaning. The latter method has proven to be highly effective in the process. The absence of the human factor increases the overall reliability of the system.
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Main characteristics:
3 -zone vacuum table
White ink circulation
Ink supply system: continuous, with sub-tanks
Feed method: Flatbed
Table size: 2100 х 1250 mm
Printheads: Ricoh Gen5/ Gen5s/Gen6/ KM1024i
Variable drop: supported
Head cleaning system: manual or auto
Color Scheme: CMYK+White+Vanish+Primer, up to 8 colors
Minimum configuration: 3 Ricoh heads
Optimal configuration: 5 KM1024i heads
Drop size: 2.5 - 13 pl
High quality mode: up to 35 sqm
Quality mode: up to 80 sqm

Color management: support for ICC profiles,
Graphic formats: TIFF, JPEG, EPS, PDF
Working conditions:
Network requirement: 50/60 Hz, 220V;
Power: up to 1.5 kW
Operating temperature: 15-28 C
Recommended humidity: 40-60%
Dust level: compliant with standard office conditions
Max size: 2100 х 1250 mm
Material thickness: 0.1 mm - 350 mm
Max. material weight: up to 150 kg
RIP station: ONYX PosterShop
Ethernet or Wi-Fi communication interface
Power supply, power:
Print technology:
UV drying system:
Piezoelectric inkjet printing
LED UV lamps
Item fixation: vacuum
Type of actuators: Servo
Material height sensor: optional
Static protection: Ionizer on carriage (optional)
Collision protection: shock sensor on carriage
Dimensions: (WxDxH), mm: 3650×1800×1200
Weight, kg: 940
Unique embossed effects, Braille
Special double white configuration: WW + CMYK
The ability to print in multiple layers in white is a way to get unique effects and relief.
For printing on diaries
Configuration: WW + СMYK + Vr
Printing with white allows you to apply images on a dark background, and varnish to create additional effects. The table size is optimal for fast loading and printing.
For printing on metal cases
Configuration:WW + СMYK
The printer is used to print on metal parts for equipment cases. The parts are pre-painted with polymer paint, so a white backing is used to produce bright colors. The table is specially adapted for quick changeover and hard fixation of parts with electromagnets.
For printing on galvanized steel
Configuration: СMYK + Vr
The first layer is an image printed with UV-resistant inks. The second layer is a protective layer of varnish. The image is printed and the varnish is applied at the same time. The product is protected from UV, temperature fluctuations and other external influences.
Choose the printer configuration that suits your needs.
Printer FB210
Table size - 1250x2100 mm
Printing technology - piezoelectric inkjet printing
UV drying system - LED UV lamps
Color scheme - CMYK + White + Varnish, up to 8 colors
Carriage lift - 100 mm
Head type
Resolution - 360 dpi, 720 dpi, 1440 dpi, 2880 dpi
Type of drives - Servo Communication
Interface - Ethernet or Wi-Fi
Vacuum table - 3 zones
Fixation of a cylindrical product - vacuum
Color management - support for ICC profiles, color density adjustment
Supported graphic formats - TIFF, JPEG, Postscript3 EPS, PDF
Collision protection shock sensor on carriage
Protection against static charge, ionizer on the carriage
Material height sensor
Automatic head cleaning system
Workstation for RIP (optional)
Network requirements - 50/60 Hz 220 V
Power, W - up to 2.5 kW
Dimensions (WxDxH), mm -3650 × 1600 × 1300
Weight - kg 780 kg
Operating temperature, C - up to 15-28 C
Recommended humidity - 40 %-60%